Rights & Thoughts

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Rights & Thoughts

Post  Bvglari on Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:04 am

You see. I saw this thing on the HQ Trashed , I was like :O
But this time we need to be strict. (I HELPED TO FIX THE HQ THOUGH)
•Must beware of spy's
•Check enemy's workers
•You get rights by earning you respects
•You can only be promoted if you're good at that rank
•You must follow the rules
•Don't ask for promotions
•No paying ranks
•No negotiation to unknown
•No Pte's are allowed to deal with someone
Things we need to do
[x]Fix the HQ
[ ]Find a way how to track trashers
[ ] Enforce the laws
[ ] I must talk to PM

Captain Bvglari


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Re: Rights & Thoughts

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:56 am

Really the only way you should get rights is by gaining respect & rank 2Lt.

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Re: Rights & Thoughts

Post  HealerGod on Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:59 pm

Admin wrote:Really the only way you should get rights is by gaining respect & rank 2Lt.

Ye, and that's EARNING it, not transfering or getting a job because you're funny (i.e. Glacon)

P.S. No offense MPM xD

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This System..

Post  Mog on Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:38 pm

Exclamation Rule Enforcement, Approved by MPM

But I've devised a plan:
*AP - Action Points: Strikes against a soldier out of ten

10AP = A Firing
5AP = A Demotion
3AP = A Warning

If this is put into play, different rules hold different point penalties.
This system emphasises second chances only when necessary, and
allows punishments to be considered regarding the rule broken.

01] No griefing members/outsiders - 2AP
02] No using your VIP commands - 2AP
03] No long hair - 1AP
04] No abusing your power - 3AP
05] No asking for rights - 2AP
06] No asking for pay - 2AP
07] No abusing your rights - 8AP
08] No double jobbing - 8AP
09] Always wear your uniform - 1AP
10] CO's are announced "Sir/Miss" - 1AP
11] Treat people with respect - 2AP
12] Never say "No" to a HR - 3AP
13] You must always have a face - 1AP
14] Always speak English - 1AP
15] No baby eyes - 1AP
16] No facial/body accessories - 1AP
17] No dancing or effects - 1AP
18] No ghosting - 3AP

They're the rules that don't apply to Minister+
The rest of the rules on the third sticky are simply
rank explanations.

Here's an example of a motto with AP:
[BF: BA] Major/ATRC [Pr/BC/AP: 0]

It'll take time to enforce
It may not be followed
It slows things down

It helps track any incidents
It helps see who's the better soldier
It introduces second chances

2 Action Points will be erased per promotion.

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Re: Rights & Thoughts

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