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Post  Mog Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:17 pm

I've decided to do a shorter training script, for anyone who wants to get training done quicker.

T - Welcome to training, Recruit.
T- Today, I'll be explaining the basics of what your job consists.
T - Allow me to clarify some of the ground rules of training:
T - 1) No speaking, turning, whispering or interacting with anything unless permitted to.
T - 2) Always call me "Sir"/"Ma'am".
T - 3) You'll have three strikes in training, these can be earned by breaking rules.
T - 4) If you have any questions, or any statements, wave, and I'll get to you.

T - Is that understood?
R - Yes sir/ma'am!
T - Good. Let's begin with commands:

T - "FTF" - Fill the Front. A basic command meaning go to the front row.
T - "FTB" - Fill the Back. Another basic command, often used when BRB/AFK.
T - "F/U" - File Up. Meaning you fill the gaps on the front row, "F/U" is always left. <
T - "F/D" - File Down. Meaning you allow someone to enter the front row. This is always right. >
T - "F&C" - Front and Centre. You go up to the caller of it, wave, and say "Yes sir/Yes ma'm!"
T - "Attention" - Stand up by your chair, facing forwards for a 2Lt+.
T - "R/O" - Rank Order. You stand up, and get in rank order on the front row.
T - "Dismissed" - Called after a F&C, you go to an attention stance, even if it wasn't called.
T - "BTB" - Back to Base. It's simple, just go back to the HQ.
T - "GG" - Guard the Gate. Also simple, just guard the gate. Only Cpl+ may GG.
T - "ATP" - Attend to Post. This one is for 2Lt+, the post is the chair in the middle.
T - "AE/As You Were" - At Ease. This means that you return to work.

T - Do we understand all of these, Recruit?
R - Yes sir/ma'am!
T - Good, now, a few things to note:

T - LCpl+ can have AP.
T - Cpl+ may GG.
T - Sgt+ may join most billets.
T - 2Lt+ may have any hair.
T - B.Gen+ may wear anything, as long as it's smart.
T - Gov.+ may handle alliances.

T - Remember these, they'll be important things to know in the HQ.
T - If you spot a certain rank disobeying these limitations, take a screenshot.
T - Remember, just because you're a low rank, it doesn't mean you can't report other members of the BF.

T - Congratulations, Recruit, you've passed training.
T - Make your motto: [BF: BA] Pte [T]

T - I strongly advise that you read the stickies in the HQ to get a better understanding of how BF works.
T - BTB!

Here's a little clarification of 'T' (Training Time Taken,) 'D' (Depth of Detail,) 'P' (Potential to Be Promoted Over a Week,) and 'A' (Amount of Recruits.)

Let's say 10 is the maximum amount for 'D'.
We'll also say that 60 is the maximum for 'T'.
Also, 10 will be the maximum for 'P'.
Let's also say 10 is the maximum for 'A'.

13≤A>12:T = 60:D = 10:P = 10
11≤A>10:T = 50:D = 09:P = 09
09≤A>08:T = 40:D = 08:P = 07
07≤A>06:T = 30:D = 06:P = 06
05≤A>04:T = 20:D = 05:P = 04
03≤A>02:T = 10:D = 03:P = 03
01≤A>00:T = 05:D = 01:P = 02

Example: 01≤A>00:T = 05:D = 01:P = 02 would mean that there was 1 Recruit, the training took five minutes, the detail of the training was very brief, and the Recruit had a lower chance of being promoted.

This is the core script, I strongly advise you add any other methods to it, such as a little test for commands, or adding some rules in there.
Training is a very pivotal process for a Recruit, so I encourage all members of the Advanced Training Regiment to put effort and spirit into each session of training. Also, training's an easy way of earning promotions with not only your rank, but also your ATR rank.

Another thing: I'll hold an ATR training class every Friday - Sunday.
If I'm not there to do it, HealerGod123 will.


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