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Post  Mog on Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:11 pm

In this thread, applications will be held for the next Field Marshal.
Here are the requirements:

- Must be Moderator + on the forums
- Must have no Action Points
- Must be a Brigadier General or higher
- Must have been in the BF for at least four weeks
- Must have a very good understanding of commands
- Must be mature, and decisive
- Must have a good sense of judgement
- Must be above the standard rank in a billet
- Must know anything and everything about BF

Being a part of Government means that you'll be one of BF's top dogs.
Expect applications to be VERY selective, so make them count.
You'll receive a message on Blah if your application is successful.
But this doesn't mean you will bug me, asking wether or not it has come through.

Here's how your application needs to be set out:

- Age:
- Experience:
- BF Rank:
- Forum Status:
- Why do you think you should be picked:
- How can you benefit the British Forces:
- Which Department:

Good luck!

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